September 17, 2021

Minority Mentor Program at Richland guides entrepreneurs

Jeremy Morris Minority Mentor Program

Roxanne Thompson wanted to open her own small business and at first, thought she wanted it to be a coffee shop. She helped Jeremy Morris, Director of the Minority Mentor Protege Program at Richland Community College, teach a certified nurse assistant training class over the summer.

“I’ve had a passion for health care all my life,” she said.

During her first session with the Minority Mentor program, she realized a coffee shop was not at all what she wanted.

“It was like a revelation or something,” she said. “I thought, why am I opening a coffee shop? I have a father who has dementia, and we struggled to find good health care, people to come to the home, people to help me (take care of him). Why am I not doing that?”

Find out more about Roxanne’s journey and watch a video from Ice House Facilitator, Jeremy Morris below:


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