May 10, 2018

Kentucky Concludes Ice House with Results

A program based on the book “Who Owns the Ice House” by Clifton Taulbert wrapped up on Thursday, leaving several of the participants satisfied with the experience.

The five-night program took place on the Harlan campus of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College and focused on helping individuals achieve an entrepreneurial mindset.

Local business owner Donell Busroe attended the sessions after having read “Who Owns the Ice House” some time ago.

“I read the Ice House book almost a year ago,” Busroe said. “I loved the book. It’s very concise, the lessons are very easy to understand. They’re very relative to the lifestyle that people live around here: Simple, high moral character. It shows how the things we normally do and the things we aspire to be can be applied to entrepreneurship and can catapult you to success.”

Busroe stated once she read the book, she felt every high school and college student should read it.

“I feel like these lessons can be learned by people as young as freshmen in high school,” Busroe said. “The sooner you start applying these types of lessons to your life, I guarantee you the more beneficial and fruitful your life is going to be.”

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