April 30, 2020

ELI Forms Partnership with Pradeepam Multi Academy to Bring Ice House to India

Brief History

Led by Pradeep Malhotra—the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of SEAL WisdomNet— Pradeepam Multi Academy (PMA) is a new organization dedicated to empowering people across India to lead purpose-driven lives and to become leaders of change. In May 2018, Pradeep reached out to ELI to learn more about our programs. He was looking around the world for a premiere entrepreneurial mindset course that could be used to help the people of India think more like entrepreneurs. 

As an economist, experienced social entrepreneur, and trained faculty member of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Pradeep’s purpose in life is to “Inspire, enable and empower people to lead a purpose-driven life and be a leader of change.” Certainly, it was clear that there was alignment between his goal of bringing hope to the people of India and the lessons of unlikely entrepreneurs in the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs. 


Over the last two years, we have worked together to form a plan and develop connections to impact the people of India. In February, a critical threshold was crossed. Pradeep was able to complete his Entrepreneurial Mindset Certification Training through ELI’s first-ever online delivery of facilitator training.  Now, through his Pradeepam Multi Academy, he will develop and lead a team of trained facilitators who will be able to deliver Ice House across India.

According to the World Economic Forum, India is poised to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation. And with 1.38 billion people, India represents nearly 18% of the total world population. With burgeoning economic growth many more Indians are seeing their prospects brighten despite the long history of a caste-based system. The stories of unlikely entrepreneurs can help to reframe opportunities long seen as unattainable for many Indian citizens. As the world’s largest democracy, with a greatly expanding middle class, ideas around becoming more innovative and entrepreneurial have the potential to transform the lives of many. 

Undoubtedly, we are excited to work with the Pradeepam Multi Academy to empower the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to solve problems and improve lives across India. To learn more about PMA contact Pradeep Malhotra via email at pradeepm2020@gmail.com.