August 24, 2016

Bethel College: The Search to Create Something Useful

Entrepreneurial thinking bears a strong resemblance to the traits that define a liberal-arts education.

The question: “What is a liberal-arts college graduate?”—right? Well, yes. But also: “What is an entrepreneur?”

The answer: “An individual who is resilient; self-directed; can think critically and creatively; asks good questions; is able to solve problems in ambiguous and complex circumstances without someone telling them what to do.”

Seventeen people from Newton-area businesses and nonprofit organizations came together on the Bethel campus in early June to wrestle with the implications of and potential in “redefining entrepreneurship,” as Gary Schoeniger puts it.

Gary Schoeniger of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative gave the keynote at the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program Training held at Bethel in June.

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