April 13, 2021

The Time Is Now: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative

Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative Cover
By: Gary Schoeniger

Im-per-a-tive (Noun): An essential or urgent thing; of vital importance

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Life today is filled with imperatives. Everything seems urgent and critically important in vying for our attention daily. As such, when we sat down to write our new white paper, we did not decide to call it the Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative lightly. Between the pandemic, political strife, social strain, and massive changes in education and the workplace, the world is making it quite clear that we no longer can take the slow road in preparing ourselves to deal with extreme volatility. We all need an entrepreneurial mindset to help us adapt and overcome whatever situation we find ourselves in.

In this new white paper, we lay out our Entrepreneurial Mindset Theory and six key recommendations that we all need to pursue in order to build stronger and more resilient students, communities, and organizations.

Please take the time to read this paper and share it with others. You can download it at the link below!

Read the full paper here.