Icehouse Student Success

Ice House Facilitators: We Need Your Help

After a successful pilot at Pikes Peak Community College, we’re now in the process of developing the Ice House Student Success Program (IHSS) to equip students with the perseverance and determination of an entrepreneurial mindset at the onset of their academic journey.

I have taken so many things away from this course that will not only apply to everyday school activities but also help me with organizing my life. I feel that after this class, I have the knowledge and motivation to push me to not only just pass my classes but to excel with amazing grade.

                                          -Yvonne D. Student, Pikes Peak Community College

To increase student engagement and success, students need to be equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset. The best home for an entrepreneurial mindset education is within a student success course, where there is significant evidence of a large-scale impact on student academic persistence and credential completion. If colleges empower students with an entrepreneurial mindset from the onset of their academic journey, students will be equipped to be successful in their personal, academic and professional lives.

As trained Ice House facilitators, we need your input to help make IHSS the most impactful program it can be to advance student success., we invite new partners to join us in shaping this effort – those that are interested in the opportunity to be connected to an effort that is bigger than any one organization could achieve and to help shape the future of education and the graduates that are produced.

For those who would like to learn how you can play a role in this effort, please send us an email at For more information on IHSS, please register for the Ice House Student Success Program Overview webinar on Thursday, April 9 at 12:00 PM EDT.