Transforming your Workplace with an Intrapreneurial Mindset

May 2 — Webinar
3 pm EDT

Everyone wants to be involved in work that matters. When employees have an intrapreneurial mindset, they can see the purpose, the great vision of their organization. They begin to take ownership and become self-directed. They begin to see opportunities where others see none and find ways to create value by solving problems for their organization and those it serves. By creating an innovative and intrapreneurial culture, organizations will not only engage their workforce but also stimulate growth.

Join Gary Schoeniger along with facilitators Audrey Wyatt and Tricia Teague as they discuss the power of an entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace.


Our panel will discuss how to:

  • Develop an innovator mindset to increase employee engagement
  • Expose the intersection of individual and organizational needs
  • Identify hidden barriers in an organizational culture that hinder innovative and entrepreneurial behavior
  • Unleashing human potential through the power of micro-experimentation