The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Transforming Nigeria’s Economic Ecosystems

Jan 26 — Live Webinar
8:00 am, EST

The world has changed in ways that now require everyone to think like an entrepreneur. As global markets expand and people look for unseen opportunities, an entrepreneurial mindset is the most fundamental tool for adapting and transforming our lives and economies.

An entrepreneurial mindset empowers and engages government and corporate workers, students, teachers, and business owners to take ownership of their work and create value for their organizations and communities by becoming purpose-driven opportunity finders and problem solvers. In short, this mindset will have an impact at all levels of society.

In this webinar, the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) and the Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence Innovation and Sustainability (IEEIS) will discuss the power of an entrepreneurial mindset, and why it is something all of us need to embrace. Specifically, we will explore how this shift in mindset can transform economic ecosystems in Nigeria. 

Our presenters will highlight how an entrepreneurial mindset can empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. To do this they will:

  • Redefine entrepreneurship in a way that both students and faculty can embrace
  • Identify the mindset and the methods that enable entrepreneurs to identify, evaluate, and actualize opportunities that are hiding in plain sight
  • Expose an entrepreneurial mindset as a life-skill necessary for success in the 21st Century
  • Discuss the underlying beliefs that expose new opportunities while encouraging the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills

Join us for an information-packed presentation, open to all!

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Meet our presenters:

A veteran oil and gas professional, industrial chemist, and entrepreneur, Ngozi Ogoke believes in empowering and giving learners the opportunity to take an active role in their education and entrepreneurship. She collaborates with global science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) organization to educate the next tech genius.  As an entrepreneur, she is initiating some organization to empower women and youth in both developed and developing countries. She is the President of Ovana E Learning Inc. and the President of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence Innovation and Sustainability (IEEIS).


Author, entrepreneur, and internationally recognized thought leader Gary Schoeniger will discuss the entrepreneurial mindset as a powerful cognitive framework that has become essential for individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing world. Drawing from nearly three decades of research into social psychology and entrepreneurship, Mr. Schoeniger will help participants understand how anyone can develop an entrepreneurial mindset, even if they will not start their own business.


With over eight years in education at the university, community college, and high school levels in the United States, Rob Herndon will discuss the features and impacts our Entrepreneurial Mindset Programming has to offer. The Ice House Entrepreneurship Programmes are being used to promote student success, increase 21st Century skill development, and inspiring self-directed learning around the world.



This webinar is presented in partnership with IEEIS, and is open to anyone interested in expanding entrepreneurship in Nigeria.