Online Facilitator Training – July 2022

Jul 6 - Jul 27, 2022 — Online

Don’t slow your learning during the Summer! This four-week online Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certification Training prepares participants to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in their classroom, organizations, and communities. To do this, we start by providing attendees with a foundational understanding of the mindset and methods of everyday entrepreneurs. By focusing on and honing one’s creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, and empathy skills, our Entrepreneurial Mindset Training exposes the hidden mechanisms that help or inhibit us from reaching our full potential.

In this online training, you will develop a deeper understanding of the eight life lessons by taking you through the various editions of the Ice House Programs in their entirety. Simultaneously, you will learn about our research into the entrepreneurial mindset and we will get together to discuss these concepts further as well as the best methods for the facilitation of these concepts through live Zoom sessions. In addition to the live sessions, you will engage in a mix of recorded presentations, small group and individual activities, discussions, and experiential, problem-based learning. 

Finally, upon successful completion of the certification training, participants will receive an Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certificate qualifying them to facilitate any of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs.


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Why You Should Attend

While you do not need to be subject matter expert in entrepreneurship, you do need to be an effective facilitator of learning by supporting, guiding, and monitoring the entrepreneurial learning process. This interactive training is a deep dive into the program philosophy and Opportunity Discovery Process. ELI’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certification equips participants with the necessary tools and techniques to effectively facilitate.

Regardless of who you teach or serve, an entrepreneurial mindset provides a new perspective; one that will expose new opportunities, ignite their ambition and cultivate the confidence, creativity, self-reliance, and resourcefulness that are essential for anyone to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.


“The Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Training Course was excellent. The concepts shared through this training are applicable in all areas. This training encouraged me to think outside of myself to be innovative and develop solutions. I highly recommend this training.”

– Donalisa Stinyard, Program Director, Texas Woman’s University

The Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs are experiential, problem-based learning programs designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset. These programs advance student success, develop your workforce, and improve small business outcomes.

Who Should Attend

  • K-12, University, or Community College Educators
  • Workforce Development Professionals
  • Small Business & Economic Development Educators
  • Nonprofit Program Facilitators
  • Organizational Development Personnel


“The core values and lessons of this program is universal that it can be used with so many different groups to empower them with knowledge that can help them to create the quality of life they want for themselves whether they are students, out-of-school youth or adult entrepreneurs. There is no limit really on whom you can engage with this program.”

– Cherene Valerio-Rivero, Program Officer, National Council on Aging


What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the research, social psychology, and behavioral science behind our definition of an entrepreneurial mindset and how it is framed in the Ice House Programs’ methodology
  • Engage in the entrepreneurial process through the Ice House Opportunity Discovery Process
  • Connect the classroom to the community by interacting with local entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to facilitate the eight life lessons
  • Distinguish between program editions, delivery, and outcomes
  • Understand program impact from best practices and use cases
  • Create an implementation and action plan to incorporate the entrepreneurial mindset in your students, community, or organization

“I was asked to take this course so that I can become a facilitator for the charter school that I work at. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but was very satisfied with the course. The team did a great job of including a mix of science and real world applications to make the case for why and how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Although I originally signed up to facilitate to my students, I have found myself being empowered and motivated to seek new ways to make myself useful and apply an entrepreneurial mindset in my daily life. Would definitely recommend.”

 – Andrew Klimowicz, Teacher, School Lane Charter School


July Training Agenda

Live sessions will run for two hours on Wednesdays throughout the month of July beginning at 6:00 PM ET. You should plan for approximately 3 – 4 hours of work each week. In addition to attending the live sessions and browsing samples of each edition of our program, you will read book chapters, submit and respond to discussion forums, complete assignments, and watch recorded video lectures.



Who You’ll Learn From

Gary Schoeniger & Rob Herndon headshots

Gary Schoeniger

As the Founder and CEO of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, Gary led the development of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, which has been recognized by the Kauffman Foundation as “redefining entrepreneurship education in classrooms and communities around the world.” With his focus on the entrepreneurial mindset, Gary has presented numerous keynotes, workshops, and training programs throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Rob Herndon

As ELI’s President, Rob is responsible for strategic planning, client engagement, new product development, thought leadership, and training. Rob’s significant experience in leadership positions as an Air Force officer and in education at the university, community college, and high school levels brings a diversity of perspective to ELI’s audience. Rob recognizes the importance of education in lifting all members of society. Likewise, he finds power in the entrepreneurial mindset to change people’s lives for the better.

Along with Gary and Rob, you will hear insights and stories from guest entrepreneurs about their journey to success.

Training Materials

During this program, you will receive: 

  • A digital copy of the Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur book
  • Previews of the program edition of your choice
  • Access to the online training course shell
  • Access to the downloadable Facilitator Materials
    • Facilitator Manuals for All Program Editions
    • Syllabi and Course Schedules
    • Lesson Guides with Multiple Choice Assessments, Discussion Questions, Application & Reflection Assignments, and Classroom Activities
    • Supplemental Course Materials
    • Certificate of Completion Template for Participants
    • Marketing Materials

Price: $995

We encourage you to select Pay by Check to reduce the Eventbrite Processing Fee. After that, we email an invoice and you can submit payment with credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover), check, or bank wire transfer. Your space is secured upon receipt of full payment. Registration is transferable to another event or individual but is non-refundable.