Entrepreneurship in Education: Kathy Boyd, Preparing Students for the Future of Work

Kathy Boyd

Kathy Boyd joins us to discuss her initiatives to bring entrepreneurial attitudes and skills to the Orange County Department of Education and the students they serve. She has led an effort to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to classrooms across her county. In this discussion, we will chat about the importance of teaching every student to think like an entrepreneur. This is regardless of starting a business. 

One such initiative is the Entrepreneurship Mindset Pathway Project. This project provides mentoring, networking, and resources to assist students, teachers, administrators, and parents from the OCDE ecosystem. This project infuses an entrepreneurial mindset across the breadth of disciplines and pathways.

About our Guest:

Kathy Boyd serves Orange County, its students, and administrators as the Director of the Career Education unit at the Orange County Department of Education and the Executive Director of OC Pathways. OC Pathways is a county-wide consortium (comprised of community colleges, K12 schools/districts, 4-year colleges/universities, and business/industry partners) with the aim to equip students for college and career success by combining rigorous academics with career preparation across the 15 career sectors in California.

Watch the recording below: