HCI 2019 Learning & Leadership Development Conference

Boston, MA
Sep 10 - Sep 12, 2019 — Boston, MA

Finding new talent and keeping key talent is the most critical challenge organizations struggle with as worker and skill-based shortages prevail across the nation.  Development, learning, and coaching are normally thought of as a “bonus” but in today’s environment it’s not only expected, it’s demanded, especially from new gen workers who are quickly disenchanted without access to pathways to growth and new skills.  Research overwhelmingly tells us that when skill and leadership development are integrated into an organizational culture it becomes the lynchpin to employee retention, plus it attracts the talent you want while developing the skills you need in-house.

Join ELI at the HCI Learning & Leadership Development event and get the tools and strategies you’ll need to identify, develop, and coach leaders to better engage and retain their own teams.  We’ll demonstrate how retention is the hard-won outcome of engaging and challenging talent.