Creating Entrepreneurial Learning Environments Webinar

Mar 15 — Online
9:00AM - 10:00AM EST

The world has changed in ways that now require everyone to be more innovative and entrepreneurial regardless of their chosen field. No longer the exclusive domain of the business school, entrepreneurial thinking has become essential for all students to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing world. All graduates must learn how to become effective problem solvers who can think critically and creatively to identify and solve complex problems and collaborate across networks. Consequently, the need for educators to infuse entrepreneurial thinking into the learning experience while engaging faculty across all disciplines is ever pressing.

Guided by leading experts, this webinar will share best practices in creating entrepreneurial learning environments while exploring the broader implications of entrepreneurial thinking as an essential life skill that also creates a powerful incentive to learn.

  • Redefine entrepreneurship in way that is both relevant and broadly accessible
  • Understand the fundamental components of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Identify four key learning models that promote creativity, critical thinking, effective problem solving, teamwork and other entrepreneurial skills
  • Share best practices in creating entrepreneurial learning environments in universities around the world

This webinar is offered in collaboration with Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland.


About Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The Oamk LABs is a unique interdisciplinary pre-incubator and incubator higher education training program based at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Oamk LABs is a full-time program that allows students from any degree program to complete their studies in a project-based format and create startups at the same time. Additionally, it is interdisciplinary in nature and taught in English which brings together participants from around the world in fields such as information systems/programming, graphic design, business, health and education. Learn more here