Tackle complex organizational problems

Leadership and Organizational Development

Leaders who possess an entrepreneurial mindset are perfectly suited to address complex organizational challenges. We work closely with organizations to deliver professional development programs that turn employees at all levels into effective leaders who can thrive in times of ambiguity and constant change.

Program Examples

  • Helping a Liberal Arts University leadership team grow beyond their managerial mindset
  • Using an Entrepreneur-in-Residence program to guide a Community College leadership team through addressing long-standing organizational challenges
  • Mentoring a K-12 district administrative team and their colleagues at local high schools as they transform the way they deliver programs for their students
  • Working with a city government over eight years to transform the organizational culture
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Contact Us

Our senior leadership team are experts at developing a personalized program that can embed the entrepreneurial mindset throughout your organization. To start the conversation, email us at info@elimindset.com.

What They’re Saying:

“Community College leaders should embrace an entrepreneurial mindset because it is the best framework for making connections and motivating innovative thinking. I have found that my broader understanding of what it means to lead with an entrepreneurial mindset has provided me the ability to ignite creativity and accountability in others. I look forward to a day when Victor Valley College is known for entrepreneurship and it’s used in every facet of our work, from committee meetings to instruction in classrooms to professional development.”

— Dan Walden, Superintendent/President – Victor Valley College
Tom Darling

“Employees are becoming fully engaged in their work, solving problems they used to expect their supervisors to solve.”

— Tom Darling, Division Manager – City of Albuquerque Employee Learning Center
Rob Vigil

“With an entrepreneurial mindset, our department has greatly improved customer service to the citizens of Albuquerque as well as saved significant tax dollars with our innovative efforts.”

— Rob Vigil, Supervisor – City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Department