Certified Facilitator Training

An entrepreneurial mindset is not a discrete body of knowledge that can be easily transferred from a textbook and into the mind of a student. Rather, an entrepreneurial mindset is a method of thinking and acting that requires continuous practice guided by a facilitator that supports and monitors the learning process. The ELI Team trains attendees to facilitate the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program through a student-centered, problem-based learning approach with carefully crafted discussion topics, guiding questions, and a supportive learning environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction.

Facilitator Training itself is designed to accomplish 4 main objectives:

  • Redefine entrepreneurship and convey how an entrepreneurial mindset can support success in any set of circumstances
  • Introduce instructors to the philosophy & methodology of the program
  • Have participants experience the program from a student perspective
  • Teach participants how to facilitate & administer the program

ELI currently offers Facilitator Training in two formats:

  • Facilitator Trainings at the Kauffman Foundation – These trainings offer a great opportunity not just to learn about Ice House and become a certified facilitator, but also to connect with the incredible people at the Kauffman Foundation, the worlds largest foundation supporting entrepreneurship.
  • On-site Facilitator Trainings – The ELI team also leads On-site Facilitator Trainings hosted at institutions and organizations around the world. This approach is best for universities, community colleges, and government agencies interested in training 25+ staff members to be certified facilitators. On-site Facilitator Trainings are often opened to the public to engage other mission aligned organizations and stakeholders in the community.