An entrepreneurial mindset is a basic human right

Social Responsibility

As a social impact organization, ELI believes we have the obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. As part of our social responsibility, we need to help all humans flourish.

ELI’s Social Responsibility Program

ELI is proud to have delivered $211,884.23 in program scholarships because of a generous donation from a benefactor to qualified United States-based organizations that serve SBA HUBZones. With the scholarship, participants received digital course materials including Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur, lesson content, video case studies, and corresponding discussion, application, and reflection assignments. The final scholarships were disseminated in December 2019 but we are happy to discuss ideas with donors interested in establishing similar programs.

Just as our communities give to us, we must give back to our communities. The ELI team gives generously in time, talent, and money to nonprofit organizations. As a socially responsible organization, ELI supports and embraces employee commitment to volunteerism. After all, studies show that employees who volunteer to help others benefit physically and emotionally as it tends to provide a sense of purpose, greater empowerment, and higher self-esteem. Studies also show that volunteers tend to be more productive, more motivated, and more successful in their careers.

In an effort to keep it green, ELI contributes environmentally by supporting telecommuting for employees. In addition, ELI continues to move to a more digital focus to reduce the use of paper in our work. Join us in that effort by choosing our all-digital products and using our all digital facilitator materials to implement your class!